Quickly calculate things like prices after discounts, how much to tip or to decide whether product is the best value for your buck with Secret Formula.

This free, lightweight app helps you to perform all sorts of calculations in a matter of seconds. The app was built upon the idea of providing people a tool to quickly calculate things that are hard to do on the top of your head. One specific example covered by the app is the deceiving pricing of similar products with different contents. Is the bigger bottle of washing product really cheaper than buying two new bottles? Open the app, let it do the math for you and find out!

Secret Formula is currently still in a trial phase. As a result, you'll need an internet connection to use the 'app'. I am currently working on a version for mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows). In it's current state, using the app should have an extremely low impact on your data usage as the math is done by your device.

The app works best on a smartphone but can also be used on tablets or PC's although the look-and-feel might be terrible.

Saving Secret Formula as "a real app"

By saving the page for Secret Formula to your home screen(s), you will be able to open it like a "real" app. iPhone users get the added bonus of our awful looking first logo for Secret Formula.

Try Secret Formula

Secret Formula is currently only available in the Dutch language. We will be launching an English version shortly.